Elites Sectors
"Material" Base
See Rosen for 1932 list
Belmont, Baruch, Brookings, Lovett, Harriman
Red Scare
Commodities in International Trade
Tobacco, Cotton, Sugar, Corn, Wheat, Copper, Oil
Legal Services
Financial Services
National Civic Federation
Other People's Money
Pujo Committee
Securities Bloc
Securities & Finance
Legal Services
Infrastructure (Railroads, Telephones, Electric Power, Urban Transportation)
Primary Materials (Iron & Steel, Coal)
Captive Capital Goods
Pollak Foundation
Macy's, Bowery Savings Bank

The Taylor Society: elite firms
Mass Consumption I: Mass Distribution & Mass Housing
Mass Retailers
Producer Services
Real Estate
The Taylor Society: manufacturing firms Mass Consumption II:
Captive Production Inputs
see TS housing inputs; clothing inputs
Committee for Economic Development
Twentieth Century Fund
Hiss List
Modern Machinery and Continuous Process
Capital Goods, Consumer Durables, Material
Clinton Foundation
the production of subjectivities