Police Shootings

Ferguson Became Symbol, but Bias Knows No Border, NYT 3-7-15

Neo-feudalism.  Shakedowns of citizens for funds to run govt (i.e., pay staff)

Municipal courts are well-oiled money machine  St L Post Dis 3-15-15
Max Blumenthal, Republican Gomorrah: Inside the Movement that Shattered the Party (Nation Books, 2009)
Prospective Juror B7:  My Father Thought Zimmerman Could Have Avoided Fight

The first juror was B7.  He described how his father felt that the fight between Martin and Zimmerman had been avoidable, that Zimmerman had instigated the fight, but perhaps not to such an e
xtent to constitute murder.  He recalled that Zimmerman had “chased” Martin.  He expressed concern about potential backlash from friends and family if the verdict was unpopular.  He also said he would be very concerned if juror anonymity was violated.  Both the State and defense took considerable time in questioning B7, suggesting they both had substantial concerns.

I'll fucking kill you xx



Michael Brown in Ferguson (Officer ‘Go F*ck Yourself’ Points Giant Rifle at Camera, Tells Ferguson Protesters ‘I’ll F*cking Kill You’), Eric Garner in Staten Island (Meet Dan Donovan, the Prosecutor Who Let Eric Garner’s Killer Walk), Trayvon Martin in Sanford (see prospective juror B7's comment), Tamir Rice in Cleveland (Cleveland officer who shot Tamir Rice had 'dismal' handgun performance for Independence police)--the paradigm for this is the Scottsboro case; the process a diffuse post-mortem lynching* that takes place in the theaters of ressentiment that politics and the media provide.

The 12 key highlights from the DOJ’s scathing Ferguson report Wash Post

Department of Justice report on the Ferguson, Mo. Police Department  WP

Even before Michael Brown’s slaying in Ferguson, racial questions hung over police (WP)

Ferguson clerk fired over racist emails also accused of fixing traffic tickets (Guardian

Here Are The Racist Emails Ferguson Officials Passed Around   NPR

Some in Ferguson Who Are Part of Problem Are Asked to Help Solve It  

James Jones
Royal Oak fundamentalist church
Juror B7
Anti-porno meeting in Ferndale H.S.
Tamir Rice in Cleveland (Cleveland officer who shot Tamir Rice had 'dismal' handgun performance for Independence police)

UAW: Flint, Packard, Midland
Adams-Reuther story re God
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