A History of Violence: From the End of the Middle Ages to the Present 1st Edition

Lineages of Modernity

The UAW as basic model of political action

being is less dense, more dispersed, more contingent, when such questions as the question of being might generate methods and materials, forms of being itself, that seek to comprehend and go beyond what being has been so far.

What has being been?

the five genetic ontologies

UAW-East Side
UAW Flint and Pontiac

UAW: Toledo, Cleveland, and Milwaukee  (UE Local: Erie, East Pittsburgh, Schenectady



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NOTES/RACISM AND VIOLENCE: The Behavioral Ecology of Male Violence" and MORE

Cognition (performative; contextual)

“Whose fault is it?”  The very matrix out of which the question emerges is oral/pre-operational.  To respond to it at all requires either that one performs at the same level (a level at which no understanding is possible: Kant: "Thoughts without intuitions are empty; intuitions without concepts are blind."); or that one points this out: that this mode of cognitive performativity precludes any understanding at all, and should itself be viewed a a symptom or at least a sign of “trump”

“agency” has to be found in and around the organism, recognizable through a cognitive framework/archive …

agency is local, microscopic, yet sweeping in its scope.
Vivian Gornick: description of semiotic field-cloud, how organism seizes-dreams- etc. the opportunities: agency.  Wellman on Flint; Cliff Williams; Ed Lock
History of Ressentiment in format of Sectors of Capital

Guest of Honor
Heart of Darkness
Anatomy of Fascism
Lillian Smith etc
Sinclair Lewis

The performative field: left wing vs right wing  (Henry Kraus on spontaneity
the Barbershop when three strapping young white men enter.
Local 248 KE letters

Making Uzbekistan

going down list of interviewees: apply Ong, Piaget, Luria: questions of how well peple spoke, their literacy, their sense of their environment; racism; the culture war (Mazey)

the internet and secondary orality (Secondary Orality (or second orality)

Allis Chalmers and Joe Adams Garrison to FF-James Lindahl voting patterns 1943


Helmut Walzer Smith

theater of revenge

But we also have to be able to think—hence Kant and Weber

Albert Bandura, “A murky portrait of human cruelty,”

At the macrosocial level, Nell greatly exaggerates the prevalence of human cruelty.  There exist wide intercultural differences representing both warring and pacific socities with large intracultural variations and even rapid transformation of warring societies into peaceful ones.   p. 225

On “Marx”

Reconnaissances of Marx
Philippe-Joseph Salazar, Centre for Rhetoric Studies University of Cape Town
Philosophy & Rhetoric, Vol. 48, No. 4, Special Issue: The Rhetorical Contours of Recognition (2015), pp. 413-427 (15 pages)
Seigel and Emden

Agency and Action

T. Wilson Hayes, The Peaceful Apocalypse: Familism and Literacy in Sixteenth-Century England.  The Sixteenth Century Journal
Vol. 17, No. 2 (Summer, 1986), pp. 131-143 (13 pages)

" . . . they believed that by reading they could learn how to save their own souls." p. 132

"transformation of consciosness with the spread of alphabet literacy"; Ong; p. 137

an internal transformation epitomized by the acquisitionof literacy  p. 141

Eric Leeds; footnote on 142

Bildung 143

The whole historical trend

karl Marx speech at the aniversary of the people’s paper

The whole historical trend is toward fig 1.  TEXTS

Alcorn (to demonstrate what we have fallen away from)

what is a scumbag culture?

the three faces of being: ressentiment, bildung, and nihilism.

The main presupposition of democracy is shattered by the evidence: a “people” as the subject of a mythic narrative (and as soon as you speak of a “people” you are participating in the further development of the primoridal myth of a species unable to transcend itself, and for whom that failure spells doom: decognification, violence, disintegration of institutions.

this is what the question of captialisms vs socialism alludes to.

Here is “the people”: Detroit’s east side and the myth of the people/class.

Agency, action, becoming, institutionalization

what is at stake now is the very ability to recognize this situation: decognitification and barbarization: culture of violence that is racism.

the red scare (McCarthyism) begins in late 1936 in the UAW

Trump as “effect” and “cause”.  ORALITY 

One of the main effects of white supremamcy is that certain subjects are taboo.  Trump’s cognitive perforances belong to a different mode of existence for homo sapiens: the oral modality of congnite performativity.  This language is sed (?) to be seen as racist.  That there were actual differences in something like intelligence (taken as cogntive performances observable) wsas seen as rooted in biological, ie, racial, differences. 

At issue were character and cognition.  For the former we have the standard shiboleths of white sporemacy (family, God, country, . . . hard-working; hypersexual); for the latter, intelligence tests.  Intell. tests are based on the presuposition that there is something called “g”—a general intelligence factor.  But Ceci, in one way, and Flynn  in another, undermine this racist fundamental.  Flynn, good Kantian that he appears to be, points out that intellligence is only a heurstic devise—the map is not the territory.  The territory is behavior of humans involving the development of the higher cogntive functions (Luria)

And also an analytical framework for evaluationg cognitive performances.

In a sense all human behaivior is entwined with cognition and cognitive processes.  But espeically today, in the age of Donald Trump as the capstone to post-modern capitalism (Clinton Foundation), the question of the cog functioning of president, but of its significance, its relationsip to not  only its base; and all this in the light of figure 1.

How much credit should be given to anti-communism and education reform (Betsy DeVoss) and globalization?

but it sees these things from the standpoint of an extended mind incorporationg the activities of KEers and UAW-Unity

this is part of more general disintegration of social intelligence

This rhetorical performance of the right is not only cognitively primitive.  It should be obvious that on the right there are not issues, but postures, gestures, various encodings of the same sado-sexual reflex (the inner logic, the generative matrix, of racism).  Rage enacted in a political-media theater of violence (psychologically, the "issue" of immigration is the script for a generalized lynch-mob): This is the essence of what is called "Conservative" today.  And not only rage, but political pornography.  Sex and violence make up the entirety of the inner logic, the generative matrix, of populist Republicanism.  These sado-sexual fixations may dress themselves up as issues, as if they were subject to rational debate and beholden to empirical checks (remember Willie Horton?).  Language on the threshold of gesture and reflex.  Regression to infantile narcissism via processes of identification, to a politics of patrimonialism. 

From a cognitive developmental standpoint it is all very primitive (see Theda Skocpol's discussion of the Tea Party here).  From a psychological standpoint Nietzsche captures the essence of GOP rhetorical performativity:

from F. Nietzsche, The Geneology of Morals, III, 14:

Here the works of vengefulness and rancor swarm; here the air stinks of secrets and concealment;  . . . and what mendaciousness is employed to disguise that this hatred is hatred!  What a display of grand words and postures, what an art of "honest" calumny!

Figure 2 (right) (?) implies the question of cognitive variation, differentiation and divergence as a major dimension of our post-biological development as a species.

We are dealing here with different orders of being (and simultaneously with ontological instability) having nothing to do with genes and everything to do with history and culture, culture and power, power and the reactions to power, all made possible by that wonder of wonders, mind and language:

our whole culture seems to be animated by a feverish hostility to understanding humans as extremely complex cultural historical, ontologically indeterminate organisms.