Several indidividuals who were part of the KE interacted in significant ways with the bildungs-proletarians of the UAW listed below (Roland, Bully, Williams, . . , )

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Two organizational charts (KE and Midland)

Two plant layouts

One list of plebeiean upstarts (Midland)

One list of bildungsproletarians (Detroit's east side)

One map of Detroit Industrial Areas

One Auto Industry Flow chart


Figure 2. The Keynesian Elite in the New Deal State
Sources: "Membership List, May 1927," in the Morris L. Cooke Papers, box 66, FDR Library and
                  United States Government Manual, 1937 

                  TS=Taylor Society business/technocratic milieu
                  FF=Brandeis-Frankfurter legal milieu

Detroit News, November 28, 1936
                           Figure 3.  Midland Steel and Cleveland Trust

Detroit East Side: Midland Steel.  Layout and Work-Flow


Detroit East Side: Midland Steel.  UAW Local 410: interviews
Bob Brenner Tool and Die
Barney Kluk Tool and Die
Ed Tyll Tool and Die
Jim Peters
Chrysler line
Oscar Oden
Chrysler line
Ben WainwrightChrysler line
John PerryChrysler line
William HintzChrysler line
Joe BlockChrysler line
TiedermannChrysler line
George Bidinger
Large presses
George Borovich Large presses
Chester Podgorski Large presses
Louis VolettiLarge presses
Lawrence VolettiLarge presses

Herman Burt Paint Machine

Levi Nelson Shipping & Recieving
Agnes Baransky
Small presses
John Anderson
Organizer, Local 155

Detroit East Side: UAW Locals: interviews
Leon Pody*
Murray Body
UAW Local 2
Frank Fagan
Murray Body UAW Local 2
Frank Fagan*
Murray BodyUAW Local 2
Lloyd Jones*
Murray Body UAW Local 2

Dick Frankensteen Dodge Main
UAW Local 3
Dick Frankensteen*Dodge Main
UAW Local 3
Charles Watson Dodge Main UAW Local 3
Harry Ross*
Dodge MainUAW Local 3
Richard Harris*
Dodge Main UAW Local 3
Joe Adams Dodge Main UAW Local 3
Joe Ptazynski
Dodge Main UAW Local 3
Earl Reynolds Dodge Main UAW Local 3
John Zaremba*
Dodge Main UAW Local 3

Sam Sweet
UAW Local 51

John McDaniel Packard
UAW Local 190
John McDaniel*Packard
UAW Local 190
Harry Kujawski Packard UAW Local 190
Eddie Dvornik Packard UAW Local 190
Adam Poplewski*
Packard UAW Local 190
James Lindahl**
UAW Local 190

Leonard Klue MICHIGAN STEEL TUBE UAW Local 238

Paul Silver/Ross/Adams
Detroit Steel Products
UAW Local 351

N = 35 interviewees
UAW Local 410
John Anderson
CP, Midland Steel

Bill Jenkins Chrysler Highland Park
UAW Local 490
Tony Podorsek
body-in-white supervisor Dodge, Cadillac

Bildungs-proletarians and plebeian upstarts
Poles and Hillbillies
spontaneity vs. organization
Michigan Steel Tube: UAW Local 238

Detroit Connor Ave: UAW Locals: interviews
Jack Zeller
UAW Local 7
Ed Carey*
Chrysler-Jefferson UAW Local 7
Francis Moore
UAW Local 154
Leon Pody* Briggs UAW Local 212
Bill Mazey
UAW Local 212
Ken Morris*
Briggs UAW Local 212
Art Vega*
Briggs UAW Local 212
Irwin Bauer
Budd Wheel
UAW Local 306

Detroit West Side & Dearborn: UAW Locals: interviews
John Anderson

Minnie Anderson Hudson

Irene Marinovich (I)

Mary Davis

Stanley Novak

Blain Marrin
Tool & Die Local 157

Ed Lock
Ford 600

Percy Llewelyn
Ford 600

Shelton Tappes*
Ford 600

In Sidney Fine's description, "GM's factories, `long, squat, and seemingly all windows', were dispersed throughout Flint: Buick, which took up nine million square feet of floor space, in the north, Chevrolet and Fisher Body No. 2 in the west, Fisher Body No. 1, the largest plant of its kind in the world, in the south, and AC Sparkplug in the east. GM's 47,247 employees as of December, 1936, constituted more than two-thirds of all the gainfully employed in the city and more than one-quarter of the city's entire population. It was estimated that 80 percent of Flint's families were dependent on GM's payroll."

Flint, Michigan: Sit-down Strike Map

Subject: racism in Flint

Bully, Genski, Williams, Jones

Subject: communists in Flint

Flint and Pontiac: UAW Locals: interviews
Norman Bully
Buick (Flint) UAW Local 599
Arthur Case*
Buick (Flint) UAW Local 599
Larry Jones
Chevrolet (Flint) UAW Local 659
Bill Genski
Fisher Body #1 (Flint)
UAW Local 581
Bill Genski*
Fisher Body #1 (Flint)
UAW Local 581
Bud Simons*
Fisher Body #1 (Flint)
UAW Local 581

Cliff Williams
Yellow Cab (Pontiac)
UAW Local 594
Bob Travis**
UAW Local 581
Henry Kraus**

Toledo, Milwaukee, South Bend, and Cleveland

Al Rightly
UAW Local 5
George Addes*
Willys Overland (Toledo)

Joseph Ditzel*
Chevrolet (Toledo)

James Roland*
Chevrolet (Toledo)
Roy H. Speth*
Seaman Body (Milwaukee)