▶︎Janice Sunderland

from “Health Care CEO: ‘People Don’tHave a Real Clear Understanding’ the Services Made Possible by ObamaCare

Ellis: And you have said to me many people don’t even understand where this health care is coming from.  You told me the story of one woman who was helped who was a Trump supporter.  What was her reaction to the fact that she was able to get this health care?

Sunderland: Well, she was able to qualify for the Medicaid expansion, and she said to me, “Thank goodness I didn’t have to get Obamacare.”  And I looked at her and I said, “ Guess what?  This is Obamacare.”  And she was kind of taken aback; and said “Uh!  Well let’s just keep that between you and me.”  So people don’t have a real clear understanding of what types of services have been made possible by the Affordable Care Act passing Medicaid expansion.  This site here has now medical, dental, pharmacy services—that’s all because of Medicaid expansion.

▶︎Family Furnishings:  told the patient that her Medicaid coverage was part of Obamacare, the patient said, “we’ll just keep that between ourselves”.  The one read of the expression on J. S.’s face is, ‘You see what the cognitive situation is—. but here, read in with Munro Family Furnishings, re habitus of everyday wherein is enacted patient X’s place in a field of discouse and senibilities

Understanding this cognitive gulf is a prerequisite to understanding “trump”.

▶︎Tina Johnson

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