Flying Squadrons  JB box 31

Det free press 5-4-38
Org of UAW flyiing squd to counteract city's plan to enlist aid of private citizens.  Jack Little, pres uaw 156 said he would head up a unformed squad of 200-300 members.  Volunteer police expected to replace the law and order League formed in last years gm strike.Little declared that fs might ct for the first time at the Chevrolet picketing and button check set for May 15.

Fleetwood Bulletin E.B. of local 15 9-1-39 issue
EB goes on record for the organizing of a FS

JB 9-27-39
Mack Ave FS meets every weds

JB 10-4-39Murray body local 2 edition UAW 10-4-39
Local 2 FS org first FS sat 9-23-39.  meet called by acting pres Mike Manini
Edward Heckman (chr); committee compsed of Brothers Birney, Heckman, Nugent, Jarvis, and Lesser {also Local 2 ed UAW 11-15-39: "Local 2's first FS is now a reality}

JB 9-1-40/Det News 1-14-38
100 members of C hrysler FS prevent eviction; next day woman moves

JB 7-30-39/UAW Local 3 edition 7-26-39
several score members of Doge local 3 FS, accompanied by local band, marhced on gm picket line in Pointiac july 17.  The folowing morning, Mant. workes of doge local were given a hand in their organizational work by the sqad.  Despite rain, several 100 membes ere at the gates to check dues receipts. . .   This dues check will be repeted in the future.

Local 174 edition UAW-CIO  7-26-39
re newly organized FS

JB 7-14-39/hudson local 154 issue of uaw  7-12-39
notice to all fs membs.  there will be a reorg meeting in the near future .  contact Clifford Fay, Gratiot plant; Carson Frost, Main plant; Fred Kirby, Axle plant NOTE FROM JB: the July 1? issue of the Dodge, Packard and the Hudson locals edition of the uaw cio contain appeals for members to join the fs.  It is posslbe that these local were given instructions from the GEB to form FSs as rapidly as pssible.  While the need for sqads for the packard, doge and plymouth locals is apparent, it is rather puzzing why the Hudson local should require on.  Martin has no strength in the Hudson plant.

JB 5-18-38/United Auomobile worker, may 14, 1938
the county council of the cio has launched org camaign .  . at the first Council delegate meeting tues eve, may 10, it ws decided to org a central flying sqad of 1000 cio membs immiediately.

Kelsy-Hayes picket, vol 3 no 12 12-1-38 praise for FS

Local 212 ed 1-17-40: "anyone desiring to be member of this body must be . . . agressive and miltiant, and have an undrtanding of the labor movement.

JB 7-14-39
n.d., Flying sqd (headline) Plymouth local 51.  Ralph Fileccia, dept 93, was lected chmn.  others elected were Bartnicki, Lacelle,Shank, Fornaci, Kopak, Kng, Olshanski, and Cook.

nd presidents column: FS set up sat, june 24 (1939)

JB 6-11-39
Doge local 3 ed of auw 6-7-39

Re-build Flyin Squadron (head)
Again the Dodge Local 3 will have a FS.  Org has started . . . The hist of the FS goes back to a cold night in feb 1937.  The wrkes on the afternoon shift at doge main were given leaflets at the gate requsting them to report immeditely to Solidarity Hall.
There bro dick frankensteen explained that Briggs strke ws in danger . . . undreds volunteered. . .  by 6 am a half-mile long column of red tail lights of cars, beearing local 3 mmbers, sped down chene st to the briggs meldrum plant.  There an epic contest was fought.

JB 7-30-39/local 3 ed uaw 7-26-39
Maintenance Unit depts 21,25,33,40,41,42,44,45,46,49,53,61
Men transferred from maint(sheetmetal dept) from 76 dept ran up against a stone wall whn the Stward found how far they were behind in their dues..  Six of them had not paid since jan.  (problem fixed)
 . . .
dues drive at the three gates put on by the FS ws successful in stoppping scab contractors

Local 3 ed uaw  picture 9-13-39
"400 strong, local 3 flying squdron maarhced at the head of the dodge contingent of the labor day parade.  They marched six abread in a phalanx two blocks long.  It is the largest flhing squadron in the ranks of the uaw io."

dodge local ed 7-12-39
We should soon have 100 percent organizaiton in the doge plant.

Plymouth local 51 ed 6-7-39
indicates effort to overcome effects of civil war