Bill Genski, Fisher Body, Flint

Genski  1.1

role in union offices; start in 30s
proletarian party in fisher body
8-10 PP members in plant; none southerners.  all yankees, all born here; ago saxon protestant
ante-date depression; they had been socialist at one time.
Genki went to school  in flint
hard of pp after sit-down
pp in their late 20s early 30s
pf  clayton carpenter one of pp, taught economics
re populism
Clayton prided himself on being scientific marxist, not a populist in any sense; he had read everything.  he was the most well-read marxist that I ever knew.; family came from canada, father world in grocery store as a bookkeeper  —on family???
role in sit-down they helped organize meetings, held in garages and basements, lent their facilities
they were always among the spokesmen in their group
PP in secondary leadership; they would be  a reserve leadership, there when needed, but wouldn’t be the spokesmen
became primary comm men etc
10 min
PF  mentions HM
G: when HM started his campaign pp people moved into primary leadership; whole leadership of 581 went with HM with one exception.  The press of 581 didn’t go with HM, Hymie wilson 12 minutes
PP guys move up into vacuum made by martin split
claton Carpenter became fin secy of local until reuther placed him on staff; one of reuters leading critics.
the had a lot of people who looked to them for answers.  re role of clayton carpenter 14 min
Carpenter built a position where people looked up to him.
group putting on ed programs; classes attended by 25 or 30 at a session, then would dwindle down

Genski 1.2

on CPers background Anglo saxon, one irish (parents from Canada) Protestant it seems!

12 guys in sit-down were in the plant during sit-down
CP after sit-down recruited some people and some periphery
PF on Irene, thorn in side of CP, Ganley, Anderson;Ed Lock careerists
Layers of CP joining militant syndicalist; post sit-down militants, careerists

BG: at fisher 1 didn’t go through those stages.  CP was leading edge of the struggle
that year when election, KKK and Black Legion Burt Harrris, Wilson

156 got their own charter 581   ???

In Fisher 1, even though cp l[played that role, within a year their leadership was defeated 1938
then officer who were elected were all homer martin people


Jerry Aldrich becmae HM secy treas 581
people who were influenced by CP
went back to work on 38 model there was a 1-day strike, INtl sent in negotiators, controversy on what settlement would be, real militants said sellout; cp urged acceptance of settlement (beginning of 38 model) I remember people that I knew that are not party members, but when to meeting with party secy to seek advice on how to vote on settlement.  CP support settlement, militants opposed.
piecework, except in press room.  I think that was the issue
no division in ranks of CP; local secy laid down the line

PF re chevy larry jones re no-strtike pledge
by 41 (CP) membership was not very influential
more influential at Chevy than at fischer 1
mpore infljuential at buick
after the martin split
By that time PP had taken primary positions of loedership in fisher 1
clayton carpenter was a brilliant debater and would not go along

BG on own dept all but 12 out of 400 paid dues to coo
on merging seniority lists, they recalled me as chief steward
it certainly was a revelation re individualism
CP just dropped out of activity as PP played prominent role, continued to decline, quit attending meetings, just dropped out.  No more organization for 4 or 5 years
they quit attending meetings