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1.  the European context, 1095 to 1815

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The Enlightenment did not deny the existence of all manner of evils but denied that these were a consequence of human nature.  It held that people are by nature reasonable and capable of good but had been corrupted by their institutions and environment.  Its rationalism assumed the universal existence of human reason and applied the criterion of social utility to all institutions, policies, and actions.

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Phiiadelphia Divided

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The Left


•Chicago subset {N=102}/
New England subset {N=  }:

LDB Letters {N=???)

theme: the myth of small business and the reality of business participation in Progressivism to New Deal

theme: white collar "radicals" as children of enlightenment:among the east european jews, haskala continued, fusing with other popular enlightenment cultures at the time.

: the secret power of the Second New Deal

•the myth of the working class

•The Communist Party vs. the Socialist Party

The New Deal

Campaign contributions

KE in New Deal State--N=31 (Progressivism to New Deal)

Chicago subset, Eastern Rate Case, 1910--N=1??
New England subet, Estern Rate Case, 1910--N=?

Midland Steel (UAW Local 410)--Cleveland Trust--Newton Baker

all candidates for local office, circa 1939 (N=81)
40 Interviews
Wage reajustment document, 1941--N=450
Art Lamb (plant manager) interview

Michigan Steel Tube (UAW Local 238)

anectdotes: smoking, lunch, working

New York City: Communist secretaries in major local unions

District Council 65 (Mae)
Hotel and Restaurant Employees Union (Irene)
Transport Workers Union (Mrs. Sussman)
Hospital Workers Union (Fran)
Amalgamated Clothing Workers (Hilly)

Aaron D. Purcell, White collar radicals : TVA's Knoxville Fifteen, the New Deal, and the McCarthy era (University of Tennessee Press, 2009)